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We’ve been welding our way around Australia for over a decade



Who We Are

Proudly Australian-owned and operated, we’re a project-based welding and labour hire business based in Newcastle, NSW.  While we work out of the Hunter, we weld nationwide, specialising in the oil/gas, petroleum, power generation, and mining industries.

We Deliver Quality

Because we only employ highly-specialised and experienced workers, the quality takes care of itself. We pride ourselves on our honest, safety-first approach, and on our skilled workmanship that is 100% compliant with Australian and international industry standards.


We Keep Costs Down

Our hourly rate may not be the cheapest, but it is cost-effective. We do the job once and do it right to produce a robust, high-quality product, minimising rework and repairs and reducing maintenance costs. Being efficient also means we keep costs down.


We Raise the Bar

We don’t just do the job well. We are continually working to raise the bar of welding excellence. This means we keep up to speed with the latest industry techniques and technologies, including automation, and aim to position ourselves as leaders. 


For many years I was fortunate enough to be a part of an industry that continually pushed the envelope, testing everyone's capabilities and achieving amazing outcomes.
I saw the importance of fielding the right team.
That is what I have set out to offer as a business, the highest level of production possible with no compromise whatsoever on quality or safety.


— Grant Davies, Managing Director

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